Country Singer/Songwriter Taylor Dye releases Music Video for “White Oak”


Taylor Dye’s music video for “White Oak” was released on Tuesday, February 19th. “White Oak,” an acoustic bonus track from Dye’s freshman album Believe in the Sun (2016), is about her childhood home in the hollers of Eastern Kentucky. The song was written in memory of Dye’s late nana, Patsy Combs, who passed away in 2016 shortly before the song was released. “White Oak” is also a nod to Dye’s family—her cousins, aunts, and uncles—who grew up on White Oak and remain an important part of her life.

While the lyrics to “White Oak” are specific to Taylor’s experiences growing up there (she mentions watching Gunsmoke and setting tobacco with her Pap), listeners don’t have to be from White Oak to appreciate the nostalgia the song conveys. When Dye sings, “I’ll travel the world and leave a crumb trail behind, trace my way back ‘til I find White Oak,” one can’t help but think about the places they are from that made them who they are—the places they will always try to get back to. In a teaser for the “White Oak” music video, Dye says “everyone has that place where they feel nostalgic and almost childlike—for me, that’s White Oak.”

The music video was filmed on White Oak and features Taylor’s Pap, whom she mentions in the song. The video is now available to stream on YouTube at For more information regarding upcoming performances, visit