June 6-11: One week, six gigs

Hey everyone! If you have been following me for a while, you probably have noticed I have a new page, and this is the first official blog post on the new website. In case you are new here, then first of all, welcome! I publish weekly posts about my performances as a way to take all of you along with me! This week was a little crazy, so you might want to go grab some snacks and get comfy...

June 6: Twisted Cork "Songwriters in the Round"

 As if you've not heard me say it a million times, I'm going to say it again: I LOVE THE TWISTED CORK!!! I have become a regular at the Twisted Cork and I play there about twice a month. Every six months or so, they have an event called "Songwriters in the Round" where ten singer songwriters share the stage in a round robin style singing. Each artist showcases 3 songs they have written and they have the opportunity to share some of the background to the song. I always love singing at this event. Not only do I love performing, but I love drawing inspiration from all the talented individuals I am surrounded by. The next one is in September, and if you've never been to a songwriter round (or the Twisted Cork), I highly recommend. It is a perfect way to support local musicians and hear some great tunes at the same time! The best part? Any tips/proceeds go to a local charity! 

June 9: Rocking the Block Music Festival

Rocking the Block Music Festival is a brand new music festival hosted by Madison and Kenwood Healthcare and Rehab centers. The festival was 
actually held right between the two facilities and they had the residents come out and enjoy it as well! There were several food trucks, shaved ice, and of course a stage for the music. I played an hour set full of oldies (but goodies) and they loved it! I even had a group of people afterwards eager to take selfies and give hugs! I had such a great time meeting all of them!

I was accompanied by my good friend John Davis, 
and he provided some great rhythm on the cajon.
I'm so excited for next years' event, because I know it is going to be even bigger and better! 
A huge thank you to the folks at Kenwood and Madison for having me out to the festival!

June 10: The Twisted Cork

As I mentioned earlier, I am a new "regular" at the Twisted Cork. I play every third Wednesday and one Friday/Saturday a month. This was one of my Fridays and we had a ball! I had a few friends that came to watch me play (shout out to Brandi and Brandi's date) and they said they had a great time as well! I think they were telling the truth based on the dance moves that were busted out... I was joined again by John Davis on the cajon and we played from 8:00 pm all the way up until midnight. Then, we headed to the next show.

Pictured: Matt Carter (Brandi's date) and I on on of my 5 min breaks. I don't know what we were laughing at but I'm sure it wasn't that funny... 

June 10: Relay for Life

After packing up at the TC, we headed straight for Estill County's Relay for Life. I was scheduled to sing from 1:00-2:00am. When we arrived, there were still people wide awake in full force walking around the high school's track. It was great to see so many people gathered together for such a great cause! I played several songs in the theme of cancer survivors. I even sang a song I wrote several years ago, about a loved woman in our community who passed of cancer called "You're A Survivor." It was awesome to sing and support this wonderful group of people! 

June 11: The Beer Cheese Festival 

This was my first year singing at the Beer Cheese Festival in Winchester, KY and it was amazing! There was a huge crowd, and a great crowd at that! I sang from 1:30-2:15 at the Lexington Avenue stage and again from 3:00-3:45 at the Broadway stage. Boy, it was a hot one that day, but it didn't stop people from watching the show! I was joined by John on the box and Jason Hale on bass. This was Jason's first time playing with us, and I have to say, he is killer! Our group chemistry is perfect and I can't wait to play many more shows with these guys! 

And that's a wrap for the week! I have several gigs coming up next week as well, so I will be back to report on those soon! Thank you so much for reading! Comment below and let's chat! 


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