Rascal Flatts opened for me...


Just a little documentation of my first time playing the Bluebird! 😊🎶🐦🎙🤘🏽

When we arrived at the Bluebird Cafe, we got in line outside the cafe to check-in. The staff let us know that things would go a little differently, and there would be a European film crew there during the round. There was a huge line of people waiting to get in, but unfortunately, they only took about 50 audience members inside. Some people had been waiting since 3:00! My parents were among those that were turned away at the door because they had no more room. When we finally got checked in and seated, I was shocked at how small the venue actually was. It was definitely a very intimate setting, but that made me love it all the more! 

When the songwriters and audience were all seated, the host called off our performing numbers from the microphone. I would be number 6. Artist number 4 got on stage, and I started to get ready for my turn. But, I wasn't prepared (no one was) for what was about to happen. Number 4 turned out to be the writer of Rascal Flatt's new song, "Yours If You Want It." I was excited enough over that, but then he announced he had some special guests that were going to join him. And sure enough, Rascal Flatts walked out from the back and took the stage. Everyone was in total shock! They sang several songs including some of their biggest hits, "God Bless the Broken Road," and "What Hurts the Most." After they left the stage, I was thinking great now I have to follow RASCAL FLATTS... and I could barely concentrate on anything else other than how cool that was. Thankfully, by the time number 5 had finished I had collected my thoughts and was ready to sing my original, "I Don't." 

I was so pleased with how the crowd received my song! It was everything I could have hoped for as a songwriter.  There were so many talented artists that night and it was definitely something I will never forget. You always hear about stars just popping in around Nashville, but that night was my first time actually experiencing it first hand. And that's the story of how Rascal Flatts opened for me. ;)


**Obviously, the "European film crew" was a film crew there for Rascal Flatts and it turned out to be the Associated Press making this video below:

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