June 13-19: On to the next one

Hi guys! Thanks for coming back again to catch up on last week's shows! 

This week started off on Wednesday night, where I performed at the Twisted Cork! I am there every 3rd Wednesday until December (in addition to one Friday/Saturday a month) so if you haven't had the chance to come out, you definitely should! It seems the theme for this night was throwbacks! I played a ton of songs I haven't played in a loooonggg time and it felt great! If you are a musician, you know this feeling. It's almost like watching your favorite movie you haven't seen in a while and remembering how great it is! I played from 7:00 until around 10:30 and we packed up and headed back to Booneville. Everyone always asks how long of a drive it is so I will just throw that out here: it takes me about 1.5 hours to get from my house to the Twisted Cork. 

The next night, Thursday, I played at the Oak Room in London, KY. The Oak Room is a restaurant located on the Crooked Creek Golf Course. This was my first time playing at the Oak Room and I loved it! It was a great atmosphere and a little on the "fancy" side without being too upscale. I entertained for two hours while the customers enjoyed their meals. My dad had linguini, my mom a salad, and my husband had a steak and they all said it was really good food! I have already been scheduled to come back to the Oak Room in August and I can't wait! 

And that brings us to Friday night. The Nada Fest is located in Nada, KY and was just a couple miles from the Nada Tunnel. There were plenty of vendors selling interesting do-dads and of course, food! I got there at 5:00 to help judge the talent show that was held. That was a tough job, as all the contestants were very talented! At 6:00, Shefton Kash took the stage and I sang a few songs with him before my set at 8:00. I was joined at 8 by my percussionist, John Davis. We played for a little over an hour and had a great time (as always). We played oldies, newbies, and of course, some original tunes. 

On Saturday, Shefton (afore mentioned) was hosting a benefit for the Brown Family of Campton, KY. Unfortunately, the brothers lost their home and business a couple months apart due to a fire. WKYT covered the story here: 

Shefton, John, and I entertained for a couple hours while the citizens of Wolfe County socialized and had dinner. I was honored to be a part of this event and help raise money for this well-deserving family. 

The next day was Sunday and Father's day! This technically isn't a "gig" but I wanted to include this to brag on my students! Three of my students go to the same church, so it was suggested that we work up a song and play together at Warren's Chapel's Service. So, they scheduled us to perform on Father's Day! Katie Beth, Aidan, and Brayed learned Amazing Grace and Kumbayah to sing and play at church. They did a wonderful job and I am so proud of them! 

That pretty much sums it up for my week! Next week I will be singing at the Frosty Freeze and a Farmer's Market so be sure to come back to read about those! 
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